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Greg Jones of the Foreign-Trade Zone Corporation discusses how the Foreign-Trade Zones program can help to rationalize the irrational tariff rate relationships often created between finished products and raw materials when trade agreements are implemented.

A detailed look at the growing use of the U.S. Foreign-Trade Zones program by companies located in the United States.

FTZC Senior Consultants Craig Pool, Greg Jones, and Trudy Huguet appear on World Business Review with Alexander Haig to discuss how the FTZC is “unique in the Foreign-Trade Zone consulting world.”

Greg Jones of the Foreign-Trade Zone Corporation gives a seminar designed to provide a working knowledge of cost saving measures companies can receive by being part of the Foreign-Trade Zones program.

Forbes interviews Craig Pool, President of the Foreign-Trade Zone Corporation for an article on International Trade and Competing in the Global Economy.

Still unsure what a Foreign-Trade Zone is? Greg Jones explains Foreign-Trade Zones, General-Purpose Zones, and Subzones.

When a local business uses the Zones program to enhance its profitability, the economic effects ripple throughout the local and regional economy. Greg Jones explains how using the Foreign-Trade Zone program as a local development tool is one of many ftz benefits.

In an article for Expansion Solutions Magazine, Greg Jones details how Foreign-Trade Zones (FTZs) are established, managed, and how this program can benefit U.S.-based companies involved in international trade. 

Curious if a FTZ can save your company money? Greg Jones, Vice President of the Foreign Trade Zone Corporation (FTZC) explains the costs and benefits of the program.  

Since its inception in 2000, FTZ Weekly Entry Procedures and FTZ Information Management Systems have revolutionized the way Foreign-Trade Zones are operated. 

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