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Temporary Interim Manufacturing Applications

Under certain circumstances, Temporary/Interim Manufacturing Authority (TIM) under FTZ procedures may be approved by the Foreign-Trade Zone Board. The use of Temporary/Interim Manufacturing Authority allows manufacturers of certain products to obtain approval for Foreign-Trade Zone manufacturing authority in approximately 75 days compared to an average 6-8 months to obtain approval of an application for permanent Foreign-Trade Zone Board manufacturing or subzone authority.

By obtaining this expedited Foreign-Trade Zone Board approval, companies can begin saving more quickly than with traditional Manufacturing Authority in a Foreign-Trade Zone Subzone or General-Purpose Zone environment. It is important to note that the firm evaluating whether or not to move forward with a TIM, evaluate not only the significant benefits of the Temporary Interim Manufacturing application, but any potential costs in the form of raising political opposition. This type of opposition has affected a number of recent TIM applications, and even their permanent Foreign-Trade Zone Board manufacturing authority applications. The FTZ Corporation places significant focus on trade issues and potential opposition to make sure applications we prepare avoid this type of unnecessary opposition.

Before preparing and filing for Temporary Interim Manufacturing Authority the FTZ Corporation conducts key research and identifies any potential trade issues. The FTZ Corporation will use its experience to avoid political opposition to ensure not only that the TIM is approved, but that it is approved in the shortest period possible.

The Foreign-Trade Zone Board's recent Alternative Site Framework (ASF) initiative has made requests for Temporary Interim Manufacturing Authority more accessible. Under the ASF, it is anticipated that companies will pursue Foreign-Trade Zone Board minor boundary modifications and Foreign-Trade Zone Board manufacturing authority simultaneously. This practice is not generally accepted under the "Traditional Site Framework", which requires that most single-firm sites obtain FTZ Subzone designation. The FTZ Corporation’s history of successes and understanding of existing and even future FTZ Board regulatory and guideline changes is important to the success of your Foreign-Trade Zone Board application or request.

Companies in the U.S. Foreign-Trade Zones program have obtained TIM approval to engage in a wide variety of manufacturing and processing activities, including pharmaceutical manufacturing, assembly of gift sets and electronic devices and accessories, and milling of minerals used in the petroleum exploration and production industry, to name a few.

Products previously approved for manufacturing or processing by the Foreign-Trade Zone Board become eligible for approval of TIM authority, so the list of potential activities grows with each Foreign-Trade Zone Board manufacturing or subzone approval.


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