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Foreign-Trade Zone General-Purpose Zone Applications

The Foreign-Trade Zone Corporation understands how to establish or expand an existing general purpose Foreign-Trade Zone project so that it serves to attract both new companies and industries that lead to new jobs and capital investment, as well as retain existing companies and the jobs and capital investment that currently exists in the community. Whether we are working with the local economic development community, such as chambers, city governments, or EDAs, or a real-estate developer, we have a tremendous track record of helping attract companies to locate within our projects.

The Foreign-Trade Zone Corporation has been extremely successful in assisting our clients “landing” new prospects in FTZ properties or industrial parks, including the third largest manufacturing facility in the world in one project. While our assistance is only a small part of the overall effort, assisting prospective companies in understanding FTZ benefits is key in many final site location decisions.

The FTZ Corporation does not simply prepare an application to submit to the Foreign-Trade Zone Board for its general purpose zone clients. It takes great care in assisting its client in including those properties that will provide the greatest benefit to the community, as well as be most likely to attract new industries to the area. To properly assist a prospective company in understanding the full value of Foreign-Trade Zone status during its location decision, the FTZ Corporation uses its hand-on operational experience combined with its economic development experience to ensure that prospective companies do not overlook key benefits that may be the deciding factor to their purchase or location decision.

The General-Purpose Zone Grant of Authority is the foundation of any FTZ project. The location of your facility in a general purpose FTZ, or having your facility designated general purpose zone status offers significant benefits. Simply by your facility’s location in an existing FTZ, you are able to take advantage of FTZ distribution benefits by activating your facility with Customs and Border Protection. In addition, if you manufacture, you can take advantage of the Temporary Interim Manufacturing application process.

The competitive nature of international markets makes the availability of Foreign-Trade Zone status increasingly important in the site selection process. For this reason, many communities want to have FTZ status as an incentive for new prospects. Grantees, whether for their own property, or property owned by real estate developers and individuals, can make FTZ status available under the "Traditional Site Framework" (TSF) or the "Alternative Site Framework" (ASF), through reorganizations and expansions, minor boundary modifications, and applications for manufacturing authority.

The FTZ Corporation administers nine Foreign-Trade Zone projects and understands FTZ projects from the perspective of the Grantee, business, and the larger community. This enables us to work with local and regional governments, economic development groups, businesses with a need for FTZ procedures, and the Foreign-Trade Zones Board to ensure FTZ expansions offer integration of FTZ sites that meet the actual need of the community and prospective companies, and are successful from the point of view of all of the parties involved.


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