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FTZ ReEngineering Can Increase Both

Compliance and Foreign-Trade Zone Savings

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FTZ Project Re-Engineering

The manner in which the systems and procedures are designed and implemented during activation of a Foreign-Trade Zone or Subzone with Customs and Border affects the ongoing administration cost, level of compliance, and net savings for years to come.

Unfortunately, many consulting firms underestimate the importance of the efficient and compliant operations, and how they should be established. In addition, many consulting firms simply do not have the real-life experience working in an actual FTZ manufacturing or distribution environment to implement and integrate efficient compliant procedures. After a few years of FTZ operations many firms recognize the increased administration cost and reduced savings that are a result of these inefficient operations and procedures. In many of these cases, the FTZ Corporation is asked to “Re-Engineer” a companies FTZ or FTZ Subzone operations.

The FTZ Corporation’s years of hands-on real-life experience allows us to transfer knowledge to your company that most other firms don’t even posses. When the FTZ Corporation works with an existing FTZ or FTZ Subzone to reengineer its Foreign-Trade Zone procedures, the redesigned procedures implemented result in more efficient operations, a higher level of compliance, and increased net FTZ savings.


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