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FTZ Operators Reduced Costs with its Bundled Solutions

Bundled Services

Bundled Services for Operators & Subzones

The Foreign-Trade Zone Corporation’s experience operating FTZ’s on a day-to-day basis, as well as successfully completing hundreds of consulting projects enables the FTZ Corporation to provide efficient and compliant bundled services for firms involved in FTZ Operations. Grouping services provides General Purpose Zone and Subzone Operators the highest available level of expertise for a lower short and long term cost.

The FTZ Corporation offers the following bundled services to Operators:

  • Turnkey Implementation:

The FTZ Corporation is the only firm that can provide all consulting and software services necessary for a “Turnkey Solution” to new FTZ projects.  The services include Obtaining FTZ status, Activation with Customs and Border Protection, and Implementation of Foreign-Trade Zone Software.  Click on Turnkey Solution to learn more.

  • Compliance Assurance

The Compliance Assurance Package combines two key solutions to ensure compliance of your FTZ while maximizing zone savings.
Conducting annual or semiannual compliance reviews while providing your employees a resource to seek and receive advice and guidance from the country’s top FTZ service providers is a recipe for FTZ operational success.  The Compliance Assurance Package includes:

  • Annual or Semiannual Compliance Reviews—Retaining the Foreign-Trade Zone Corporation to conduct annual or semiannual compliance reviews ensures that your company is notified of compliance concerns so they may be addressed and corrected before they are discovered by a CBP review or audit. Retaining the FTZ Corporation to provide compliance reviews on an ongoing basis assists your company in meeting its requirements for reasonable care, and more importantly, ensures that your FTZ operations are compliant, efficient, and maximize Zone savings. 

  • FTZ Consulting Services—During the 20 years that the FTZ Corporation has successfully operated Zones and provided consulting solutions it has identified a number of factors that lead to compliance violations, inefficient operations, and reduced FTZ savings.  One of those factors is that FTZ Operators and administrators do not seek answers to operational and compliance questions as they arise.  The failure to seek qualified professional advice when questions arise is often due to an employee’s fear of receiving expensive consulting bills, or the employee simply not having access to a service provider that can provide the guidance needed and often required.

    By not finding answers when needed non-compliance can grow exponentially. The FTZ Corporation’s Compliance Assurance Package includes a block of consulting hours that allows FTZ Operators and Administers to have access to the most qualified team of FTZ consultants in the country. This freedom to receive answers to compliance and operational questions without fears of unexpected large bills often leads to avoiding compliance problems and operational inefficiencies before they occur.

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